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By Jsnbrown1989
PokéMart / Player Ran Shop Advertisements

Rules to use this channel:
:1: You MUST follow the template.
:2: If your PokéMart/Player Ran Shop is not in a town, please provide coords to it. If it is in an official town, Please put the town name!
:3: Please keep your post up to date with all the products you offer and if they are in stock!
:4: Don't be like MisterDeo.
PokéMart Name: Cianwood PokéMart
Coords: x: 1298 y: 75 z: -8012
Town: Cianwood City
Status::closed: or :open:
Pokéballs - :instock: | $75 :onsale: - On Sale
Potion - :instock: | $100
Dirt- :outofstock: | $100
Bedrock - :instock: | $100
Code: Select all
[jumbotron][b]PokéMart Name:[/b] Cianwood PokéMart
[b]Coords:[/b] x: 1298 y: 75 z: -8012
[b]Town:[/b] Cianwood City
[b]Status:[/b] :closed: or :open: 
[i]Pokéballs[/i] - :instock:  | $75 :onsale: - [b]On Sale[/b]
[i]Potion[/i] - :instock:  | $100
[i]Dirt[/i]-  :outofstock:  | $100
[i]Bedrock[/i] - :instock:  | $100[jumbotron]

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