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With knowledgeable, mature, and helpful staff, a unique playing environment and custom plugins, Nightshade is able to offer a fun and expansive server that will keep you engaged!

Think you have what it takes to take down countless trainers in tough battles? Become a Gym Leader for the Official Server Gyms!
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By Jsnbrown1989
Open for applicants:

Boulder Badge | Typings: Rock | Levels: 10-15 | Leader: TBA

Cascade Badge | Typings: Water | Levels: 15-20 | Leader: TBA

Thunder Badge | Typings: Electric | Levels: 20-25 | Leader: TBA

Rainbow Badge | Typings: Grass | Levels: 25-30 | Leader: TBA

Soul Badge | Typings: Poison | Levels: 30-35 | Leader: TBA

Marsh Badge | Typings: Psychic | Levels:35-40 | Leader: TBA

Volcano Badge | Typings: Fire | Levels: 40-45 | Leader: TBA

Earth Badge | Typings: Ground | Levels: 45-50 | Leader: TBA
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