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By Jsnbrown1989

Gym Leaders Must:
:1: Allow the use of all non glitched moves, that is, moves glitched due to a Pixelmon release, including status effect moves.
:2: Have a team of six Pokémon
:3: Pokémon from different evolution chains (if possible)
:4: Have a gym built and ready to accept challengers before posting a gym application.
:5: Have their gym associated with a town/city.
:6: Allow at least one rematch per day per challenger
:7: Be active at least once a week.
:8: Be approved by Experience Team Staff through a battle with a generic (but competitive) team.

Gym Leaders Must Not:
:1: Limit the number of Pokémon the challenger uses
:2: Deny the use of items (potions, scarfs, etc)
:3: exceed the level cap of said gym with your own Pokémon.
:4: have their Pokémon be all max levels. There can only be 2 Pokémon with the max levels.
:5: Deny a gym battle due to personal relationship with the challenger. Ex. You can’t deny a challenger simply because you don’t like them.
:6: Have legendary Pokémon on their team.
:7: Use their team for any purpose outside of Official Nightshade Gym League Battles.

Gym Leaders Can:
:1: Have a level cap above your max level
:2: Accept or deny a gym battle.
:3: Have specific rules for your gym that do not conflict with the letter or spirit of the overall rules put forth in this discord channel.

All rules are subject to change, and are subject to leadership discretion.

:1: You may have your Pokémon up to 5 levels over the Gym's max level.
:2: Your Pokémon Team's levels must be locked prior to going in. Any advancement in levels during the gym battle can result in being disqualified. Staff and/or Gymleaders are not responsible in fixing your Pokémon's levels.
:3: You may only challenge a Gym once every 12 hours.
:4: You may not borrow Pokémon to advance through the Nightshade Gym League
:5: No legendary, mythical or ultra-beast Pokemon are allowed in official gym battles.
:6: Respect and follow specific rules put in place by the Gym Leader you are challenging.

All rules are subject to change, and are subject to leadership discretion.

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