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With knowledgeable, mature, and helpful staff, a unique playing environment and custom plugins, Nightshade is able to offer a fun and expansive server that will keep you engaged!

Official server events will be posted here. Make sure you watch this forum to stay in the know on drop parties and other great events for our server!
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By Jsnbrown1989

The first Official Tournament Cup is the Kingdom Cup!

We will be clashing Dragon, Fire, Ice and Steel types in order to determine who the most noblest knight on our server truly is! The above rules apply and all contestants should be aware of the information found at as well. The battling will begin Sept 27th from 8-11PM EST and will feature other events as well.

Make sure you register your team when it is set and use as a resource to ensure you have the very best team. Since this is the first Cup, I'm giving you guys a bit more time to prep your 'Mons so use the extra time wisely!

Can't wait to see you there..

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