Predicted Swarm
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Community Event
Happening the week of January 7th - 11th, visit NightShade to see the unusual swarm of ??? that is appearing all over! During this time, ??? is predicted to appear in any biome and with increased chance of the rare shiny form of the pokemon. We will also be celebrating this wondrous event with events all week ending with a drop party at /warp dropparty on Sunday at 7PM EST.

We also would love to see our players dress up in themed skin changes! Once you dress up, the player who sends Jsnbrown1989#0001 the best screenshot (background scenes count and shaders/texture packs definitely help!) wins 1 free park ball! This means up to 5 Park Balls will be given out through the week. If you do not win, dont fret! We will he doing this monthly so just prepare for the next community week.
Monday: Superheroes Day Wear a skin that depicts your
favorite superhero skin.
Group Photo: 7:00 PM EST Meet At /Spawn.
Tuesday: Camouflage Day Wear a skin that is camouflaged
in someway. (Can be irl camo or just simply dressed to be
a piece of in game dirt).
PokeSnap Competition: Due @ 11:59 PM EST
DM the images to Jsnbrown1989#0001.
Wednesday: Twin Day Find a friend and dress the same!
You should be matched perfectly!.
Scavenger Hunt: 6:30 PM EST Meet at /Spawn.
Thursday: Team Spirit Day Dress up to match your favorite
villainous team from the Pokemon Games.
PokeHunt: 6:30 PM EST Meet At /Spawn.
Friday: Pokemon Day Dress as your favorite Pokemon. Drop Party: 7:00 PM EST Meet At /warp DropParty.