Drop Party
Made popular by Runescape, Drop Parties have been around for a rather long time, however if you have not experienced one before, the idea is simple. Staff members, who may be invisible. will fly around in the air above you while quickly dropping items. Your goal is to get those items first and in doing so, be the one to collect the most valuable drops. Most items dropped from the hoot-hoot float at /warp droppartyisland will be general building supplies and Pokemon items however, there will be some rare items mixed in such as masterballs and evolution stones. Sometimes, there are even rare Pokemon dropped as well!

While this game is rather simple, there is need to mention proper etiquette during this event. It is important that you and all other players keep your feet on the ground at all times and your Pokemon team in their balls as well. The one exception to this is when you are battling one of the dropped Pokemon. It is also important to be careful about complaining about what is being dropped or asking for certain items to be dropped. These drop parties are planned far in advance and you do need to have a certain level of luck to get the good items. Finally, just have fun. It is a game after all and these are free items. Do not tattle tale and do not grumble. Have a good time and we will all enjoy this event greatly!

These events generally occur at /warp droppartyisland