Originally released in 1999 by Nintendo, Pokemon Snap was a fun and unique N64 game that had you, the greatest photographer known to man, riding a roller coaster like train through a course with many biomes and Pokemon in it. The objective was to catch Pokemon in interesting poses as well as close up and well positioned in frame.

This event, PokeSnap, is similar in that it revolves around catching Pokemon doing interesting poses and with great scenery. It is worth mentioning that shaders and resource packs do help in this task however you can get by without them. Photographing Pokemon at landmarks or in well known areas also gets the photographer bonus points. In this event, it does not matter what Pokemon you choose to photograph nor really much of anything but what does matter is that you turn it in on time so be sure to look at the due date for this event!

Be sure to DM Jsnbrown1989#0001 the entries on Discord before the due date.
The limit on the number of entries is set at 5 so make them good!