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Punishment Appeal

Be sure to fully read the Discord and Server Rules before making an appeal. ( https://nightshadepixelmon.com/rules/ )


  • Only the person who was punished may appeal! Do not appeal on behalf of another player.
  • Don't lie in your appeal - we have proof and it will seriously affect your appeals chances.
  • Stay polite and mature about this - being rude will get you nowhere.
  • Do not post anything unrelated to the punishment appeal (stay on topic).
  • Do not make personal attacks.
  • Do not troll (obviously).
  • You may request to see the proof which lead to your punishment, but it is at the discretion of our server's leadership team.
  • We will contact you via Discord to provide you with the verdict of your appeal.
  • Leaving the Nightshade Discord Server, blocking staff, or obstructing our methods of contacting you in any other way will void the appeal, regardless of the verdict.

*Misuse of this form may result in loss of privileges, including your right to play on the server. We deal with every report professionally and to a high standard, and we don't appreciate fake or misinformed punishment appeals.